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Enjoy year-round Porsche performance with winter tire and wheel sets.  

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  Your Porsche is engineered to deliver exceptional performance under the most challenging road conditions and there is no reason to expect less during the winter months. At Porsche, we make four-season driving pleasure a top priority. Your authorized Porsche dealer offers a wide range of winter tire and wheel sets to suit your model, style and budget.

  Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the science and engineering behind these specialty products. Special rubber compounds and tread design are central to winter tire performance. Winter tire treads provide maximum grip on icy and snowy surfaces. Enjoy year-round Porsche performance with winter tire and wheel sets. What sets winter tires apart from other tires is their ability to perform under cold conditions. When temperatures drop below +7˚C, the rubber compounds in summer and all-season tires may become hard, resulting in significantly longer braking distances and reduced traction.

   For reasons of both safety and performance, Porsche strongly recommends the use of winter tires below +7˚C, regardless of the amount of snow or slush on the ground. Beware of “all-season” tires. No tire on the market performs well through all four seasons, especially when the temperature drops. We prefer the term “winter tire” as opposed to “snow tire”. Porsche recommends that you use winter tires due to the adverse effects of cold temperatures on rubber compounds, even if your area receives little snow.


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